The following items are included with the stages:

Central Heating & Air Conditioning:

Eight silent 6 ton units operate Stages 2 & 4, and two more operate each stage’s offices and dressing rooms.

Curtain Track – Stage 4:

360 degree curtain track for hanging cycloramas, blackout, green screens, etc.

Cyc – Stage 4:

Two wall cyc 53′ wide x 33′ wide x 30′ high, located on the SE corner.

Dressing Rooms / Offices – Stage 2:

One fully furnished Star Suite with full bathroom including shower, and a television set. Three fully furnished multi-person dressing rooms / offices.

Dressing Rooms – Stage 4:

Three fully furnished Star Suites with full bathrooms including showers, and television sets. Four fully furnished multi-person dressing rooms.


Both stages have concrete floors.

Grid – Stage 2:

I-beam with 150,000 lb certified weight loads. 2200 lbs for each 10′ x 10′ area. Click here for specs.

Grid – Stage 4:

I-beam with 68,700 lb certified weight loads. 1000 lbs for each 10′ x 10′ area. Click here for specs.
Pipe grid matches the I-beams, and is in 12 sections. The sections can be lowered individually with advance notice.

Hair and Makeup Salons:

Two stations and shampoo sinks on both stages.


Wired & wireless Fiber Optic 200/200 Mbps Internet access throughout the buildings.


Fully equipped kitchens, with filtered drinking water, crushed and cubed ice.


Routine janitorial services are included with the stages.

Offices – Stage 2:

Three production offices / dressing rooms with two desks each, telephones and television sets. Conference Room with ten chairs. Polycom conference phone, and a big screen HDTV.

Offices – Stage 4:

Two production offices with two desks each, telephones and television sets. Conference Room with ten chairs. Polycom conference phone, and a big screen HDTV. Large reception area.


Electric gated eight foot fenced secured parking lot which holds approximately 60 automobiles. Additional parking is also available.

Restrooms – Stage 2:

Four private restrooms (three with showers)

Restrooms – Stage 4:

Eight private restrooms (five with showers)


Surveillance cameras with digital video recording surround the facility.


Advanced soundproofed buildings. (This section of Van Nuys is not affected by Airport noise)

Stage Manager:

Stage manager services are available with the stages.


Corded and cordless telephones, with voice mail, and direct access to dressing rooms and offices. An exterior cellular antenna provides optimum reception inside the building with any system.


Television sets are equipped with YouTube TV.


Video feed can be routed easily to all television sets.


Wardrobe Rooms with washers and dryers, deep sinks, ironing tables and irons.


(2) dumpsters included, picked up twice a week. Additional pickups available. ShowBiz Studios participates in a recycling program.

Work Lights:

24 instant-on work lights on both stages.

Also installed on each stage:

Exhaust fans
Natural gas outlet
Running water faucet


The following items are charged separately:

Air Compressor:

5 horse power air compressor located outside to operate silently on stages.


Available in 10′ x 10′ with sides.

Client Lounge:

Client lounge sets are available and can be setup anywhere on stages. Click here for picture.


Sharp MX-M354N and AR-M237 digital copiers/printers/scanners. The printers are accessible on the wired and wireless network.

Fake Light Switches & Outlets:

Available in white & ivory. Click here.


(1) Articulating Boom Lift – JLG E450 AJ
(1) Scissor Lift – JLG 4045 R
(2) Scissor Lifts – JLG 3246 ES
(2) Forklifts – Mitsubishi CAT P5000-LP & Clark GCS17S
(2) Pallet Jacks


7200 amps on stage 2, located along the east and west sides in 6 – 1200 amps, Camlock cans.
4800 amps on stage 4, located on three sides. (The cyc is on the SE corner), 600 amps on the SW corner, 2400 amps on the NW corner, and 1800 amps on the NE corner, Camlock cans.


Aluminum scaffolds available, adjustable to any height.


Coming soon, one block away.

Steeldeck and Uniflex Platforms:

Available in various sizes, 6″ to 8′ high, along with step units, railing, and casters.


Additional indoor storage space is available between the stages.

Tables and chairs:

Six foot tables and folding chairs are available. Director’s chairs, standard and tall, also available.

Telephone service:

All telephone lines are VOIP. There’s no charge for nationwide calling.


One cargo van is available on our property.

Also available:

Layout Board, Ram Board, gaffers and masking tape, Velcro, black duvetyne, natural and bleached muslin, sharkstooth scrim, and digital and chroma-key green and blue fabrics and paint, stingers, cable crossovers, booties, and more…